Yesterday a bunch of us car guys were attracted to a beautiful 1934 Packard.  The owner was standing by answering questions about his car then he stated that the only thing not working was his fuel gauge, a very frequent old car problem.
The responses started, did you check this and that, the owner said I’m not a mechanic, then the next reply was something like “you should bring it to Joe’s garage he fixed Mikes last week.” Any hints who he should talk to in the Hampton NH area?

1 thought on “Hampton NH Anyone to repair gas gauge?

  1. BeanPotAdmin says:

    First, there’s good information about your gas gauge at which, in the hands of a competent mechanic who likes to fix rather than replace things, may be enough to solve your problem. Hopefully it’s as simple as a float in the tank that’s been ruined by ethanol gas, but if you need a Packard specialist, the one closest to you that we know of is Parker’s Packards in Holden MA. about 80 miles from you.

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